Ralc News

11 September 2023


Expenses allowed € 167.166,80 – Authorised contribution € 100.300,08

RALC ITALIA SRL intends to carry out a business process innovation project, based on the digitization and automation of business processes, in order to consolidate and strengthen its competitiveness also following the need to reconfigure production processes in consideration of the epidemiological emergency situation overall in order to ensure high resilience in the event of similar adverse events that could occur in the future.

The current innovation project was born on these premises, consisting of a complete digitization and automation of all company processes with the following objectives:

1) development of methodologies, procedures and techniques for coding and exchanging technical, commercial, administrative, economic data and information, etc.;
2) analysis and identification of possible technological solutions for the digitization and automation of processes, ad hoc design of adequate digitization and automation technologies;
3) transfer of all data and information on innovative tools under development and testing of new digitized and automated processes;
4) final validation of the digitization and process automation solution.

Following the implementation of the innovation project, RALC intends to achieve the following results:
1) increase in productivity thanks to the efficient and effective flow of data and technical information between the various professional figures involved in the creation of orders for special machines;
2) increase in orders thanks to the possibility of managing different processes and different customers at the same time with the possibility of reconstructing the progress of each single special machine being worked on;
3) increase in personnel thanks to the possibility of coordination with the use of automated and digitized procedures;
4) entry into new geographic markets and the global expansion of activities thanks to the coding of languages, data, information and procedures that allow interaction with a single language shared between international technical, administrative and managerial figures;
5) strengthening of the competitive position and increase of corporate solidity.