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Thirty years of experience, a modular and varied range are synonymous with guaranteed results insofar as making it possible to choose the best possible solution for your customised system, 100% Made in Italy and perfectly calibrated to suit your technical and production needs, and budget.

Creativity combined with long-standing experience ensure reliability and continuous evolution, essential factors in a market continuously on the lookout for new solutions, while also constituting an important pool of ideas, solutions and innovations for your next system.

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Regardless of the system you choose, you will be supplied with a device for remote technical support; you can also complete the line with a customised 4.0 package.

Orbital cutting line

  • Horizontal or vertical machines with one, two or three lines, for the orbital cut from coil or from straight bar
  • Workable diameters 4÷30mm. 
  • Copper, ALU, BRASS, AISI 316L, Cupronichel.
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Capillary tube cutting line

  • Line for straightening and cutting capillaries with workable diameters 2.58 ÷ 6.35 mm.
  • Workable materials: copper and aluminum in coils.
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Nipple cutting line

  • Automation for the orbital cutting and beding of tubes from coil. 
  • Workable materials: copper, alu, steel and crainless steel, cupronichel, Ø 4÷22 mm.
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Elbow bending machine

  • Full automated bending machine designed for bending tubes from coil or straight bar.  
  • It can produce bends with 180°, straight pieces, nipples with variable bends, crossover. Workable diameters 9÷17mm.
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PLANET Bending machine

  • Automatic bending machine for copper, ALU, stainless steel. It bends the tube on different planes. 
  • Workable diameters 6÷16mm (depending on the material and thickness).
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Serpentine bending machine

  • Automated bending machine for serpentines in copper, ALU, stainless steel, brass, and cupronichel with bends on the same plane. 
  • Workable diameters4÷16mm (depending on material and thickness).
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Primatech punching machine

  • Available with a 1 or 2 controlled axis, it punches the copper tube from the inside. 
  • Workable diameters 16÷108mm.
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End forming machines

  • End forming machines with max 6 steps for expanding, reducing, closing and shaping the end of straight or bended tubes.
  • Workable materials: copper, ALU, stainless steel.
  • Workable diameters: 6÷50mm.
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Pipe end closing machines for round pipes

  • Round or plane closing of copper or ALU tubes (not water-proof).
  • Workable diameters 6÷32mm.
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Different loading and unloading solutions are available depending on the application. Unwinders are ideal for coils in different sizes and weights, while the slide or bundle loaders are the perfect solution when working from rod. Machines designed for manual loading can then be fully automated with robotic or other solutions.

Unloading slide

Economical, practical, versatile, allows the unloading of short pieces into a container.

Inclined plane unloader with collector

Separates the machined pieces from the scrap and deposits them into a small collector without damaging them. Perfect for medium-length pieces.

Belt collector

The belts lower progressively and, once the number of pieces set on the panel has been reached, the operator only has to strap the bundle and unload it. Ideal for long pieces.



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