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Ralc Italia machines for the production of steel bars are renowned for their reliability and high performance in terms of volume and precision.
They have been chosen by some of the world’s major steel mills over the years, often on more than one occasion, due to the reliable performance, continuity and quality machining guaranteed by these machines. Moreover, a series of measures implemented throughout the course of its evolution have made the bar line a truly highly specialised industrial line.

Our models

The bar lines are available for both straight and curved bars.

Rods threading line

  • Diameter 7÷12mm, max. tensile strength 1.700N/mm2
  • Bar’s length 1.000÷8.100mm, smooth and indented
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Threading and bending line

  • Diameter 7÷12mm, max. tensile strength 1.700N/mm2
  • Length of the bars 1.000÷8.100mm, smooth or indented surface
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loaders and unloaders

Automated loader Mannaino model

The Mannaino (“Guillotine”) automated loader is a widely tested solution, ideal for lines with a high production of products such as bars. It guarantees continuity and reliability.

Continuous loading

Thanks to the separator cylinders dividing the different work sections, it is able to manage three bundles of bars at the same time, with one being processed and the other two in standby, thus eliminating line stops for loading.

Safe separation

The loader progressively separates the bar from the rest of the bundle, making vertical movements.

In total safety

The loader is fitted with all safety and emergency devices required by law.


Palletizer unloader

A practical solution for dividing machined bars into bundles, ready for strapping.

Unloader for straight bars

A practical cradle system collects the bars. When the number of bars set on the panel is reached, the cradles advance by one step. This allows easy strapping and unloading.

Unloader for bent bars

A robotic system supplied by Ralc Italia, allowing the easy palletization also of bent bars, positioning them in a dedicated collector.



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