High automation for all needs

Technical features

Aries can be used for the traditional cutting of round, square, rectangular, and oval pipes. Thanks to the new HM head, Aries can be used not only as a pipe cutter for pipes with medium-low thickness, but also to cut very thick or solid materials, with above-average performance in its category.

Two rolls, infinite lengths

The roll feeding allows positioning of the piece without for stroke repetition, thus making it the ideal feed system for pieces longer than one metre. And while this is the type of production where Aries expresses the height of its potential, there’s no reason not to use this high-production pipe cutter also for shorter lengths, thus making Aries a precious ally for all types of production.

One machine, a thousand applications: new HM head

As of now, Aries is available in both the traditional version for cutting materials with medium-low thickness, and in the new HM version for cutting very thick materials or solid bars. In both versions, the sturdily constructed cutting head is driven by a brushless motor and recirculating ball screws, allowing high performance and fully automatic positioning. The machine is supplied standard with minimal lubrication and water/oil emulsion, allowing you to choose the solution most suited to your specific needs.

Produce with a few simple touches

The touch screen panel is intuitive and practical: programming your work is simple and fast. Up to 4 cutting lengths can be programmed on the one bar, and optimised cutting parameters can be set depending on the material.

Much more than cutting
special applications and industry 4.0

Aries has an integrated loading and unloading system, with modular lengths. The bundle loader allows loading of pipe bundles, thus optimising loading times and facilitating unattended production. The unloader with digital readout acts as a piece sorter, separating good pieces from trims and scrap.
Aries can also be combined with a subsequent machining unit to satisfy production needs increasingly requiring additional operations after cutting to provide the finished product.

Bundle loader

Aries is supplied with its own bundle loader for a max. length
6,500mm. Other lengths and customisations are available on request.


Integrated unloader, length 3,000mm. Other lengths available on request.


External and internal deburring for different materials, diameters and lengths. Modular systems to suit different budgets and production requirements.

Internal cleaning

A practical, fast and economical solution to remove shavings from inside the pipe. Does not remove machining oils.

Quality checks

Length, straightness, perpendicularity, surface control with piece mastering. Other control systems available on request.


Efficiently removes shavings and machining oils, for completely clean pipes. Available for different materials, diameters and lengths.

Moulding and drilling

Drilling or moulding units can be applied downstream of the cutting operations to perform any ancillary machining necessary to complete the piece.

Weld detection

Allows the pipe to be rotated and position the weld as desired. Available for round and square pipes.

Piece collection and palletization

Various solutions are available to suit all types of budgets, production requirements and line configurations.


Example processes

Aries is the ideal pipe cutter for large production volumes.


Example of a tube cut with the Aries.

Very thick pipes

As of now, Aries is able to combine roll feed speed and cutting power with the new HM head.


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