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Technical features

The automatic line for circular saw cutting of capillary tubes incorporates everything you need for the highest quality capillary tube machining, in very little space. Each detail is designed to facilitate the operator’s work with fast and simple changeovers and adjustments. An ergonomically positioned control panel allows the automatic and intuitive management of all operations. Operator safety is guaranteed by safeguards in accordance with the machinery directive.

Straightening and feed rolls

The line is equipped with a set of 5 straightening rolls. To reduce changeover times, up to three seats can be obtained on the same roll for as many diameters. During production changeovers, the roll-holder plate simply needs to be repositioned without replacing the rolls themselves. The tube feeding occurs by means of two pairs of rolls, shaped like the straightening rolls, and equipped with a brushless motor.

Circular saw cutting and brushing

The tube is blocked by a pneumatic clamp before cutting, and cut with a downward moving blade. The cutting head is fitted with a hydraulic brake to ensure the linearity of the cut. After cutting, the tube is brushed on both ends, thanks to a shifting system that slides the brush lengthways with respect to the tube axis. The cutting length is determined by the encoder.

Options and Industry 4.0

Even the simplest machines require dedicated features to adapt to special working conditions, to different materials, to new needs determined by technological evolution. For all these reasons, the following options are available to improve your production.

Additional straightening rolls

Depending on the material, 7 extra straightening rolls can be supplied, to be used only when necessary.

Unloading slide

Supplied in variable lengths according to production needs.

Belling unit

Mounted on perpendicular guides, this can be activated from the panel when required for production.


Example processes

The cutting line for capillary tubes finds its ideal application in the refrigeration sector.

Cut pipes

Examples of cut pipes.


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