When the road rises, you cannot hide.” Eddy Merckx

Whether for motorcycles or bikes, whether building a frame or producing small accessories such as bearings, clamps or handlebars, Ralc Italia has all the right solutions for this highly specialised sector, where the accuracy of machining and productivity have the ability to give clients the upper hand.

Ralc Italia’ references in cycling

Systems for the cycling sector

It’s the details that make the difference in this sector made up of families, enthusiasts and professionals, all looking for attention to detail, durability and style.

È il dettaglio a fare la differenza per questo settore fatto di famiglie, appassionati e professionisti, che, in ogni caso, cercano cura, durevolezza ed estetica.


  • Single and straight cut of tubes/profiles max. Ø80mm.
  • Min. cutting length 10mm, optimal performance L.< 1.000mm.
  • HSS blade. 
  • Ideal for small/medium lots of production.


  • For light alloys, aluminum, copper, plastics.
  • 4-axis machining, such as drilling, milling and tapping. Optional 90 ° cut.
  • Excellent value for money for medium-high complexity processes and medium production volumes.


  • For light alloys, aluminum, copper, plastics, steel and stainless steel.
  • 5-axis machining, such as drilling, milling and rigid tapping. Angular cut as standard.
  • Ideal for high production volumes, high level of precision and high repeatability.

End forming machines

  • End forming machines with max 6 steps for expanding, reducing, closing and shaping the end of straight or bended tubes.
  • Workable materials: copper, ALU, stainless steel.
  • Workable diameters: 6÷50mm.

Special lines

Ralc Italia can provide ad hoc solutions for the manipulation, the welding and the sheet processing

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