Continuous production, total autonomy

Technical features

Thanks to the coil feeding system, reliability and machine concept allowing continuous, unattended production, the Planet is a high-performance line with very low labour costs. Once programmed, production is entirely autonomous and completely safe. Programming is simple, intuitive and fast.

Straightening, feeding, cutting

Two sets of five rolls, one on the vertical plane and one on the horizontal plane, straighten the pipe coming from the coil. The pipe is fed towards the cutting zone by three pairs of rolls driven by a brushless motor controlled by a dedicated drive, while another pair of rolls connected to an encoder determines the length of cutting, which occurs by way of an orbital pre-incision. All in fully automatic mode.


The bending unit is mounted on a controlled head that can rotate more than 360° with respect to the pipe. The innovative bracing system mounted on the bending arm consists of a gripper that guides the pipe up to the bending point. This makes it possible to perfectly maintain the feeding plane of the pipe, avoiding its rotation. The bending unit is hydraulically driven and the pipe is blocked by a clamp during its machining.


In the standard supply, the Planet is provided with all elements necessary for complete machining, but can be further enriched with options that complete the product and enhance its added value, thus making it possible to obtain different products with a single, compact, functional and flexible machine.

Continuous spiral bending

Round spirals are obtained thanks to the rolls mounted on the bending unit and the push-bending machining mode.

Pneumatic belling unit

Automatically positioned by a mobile arm that places it in axis with the pipe.

Multi-step hydraulic shaping unit

The safety mechanisms are configured to allow independent use of the two machines.


Example processes

The Planet, when properly equipped is an extremely versatile and flexible line.

2D and 3D bends

Example of 2D and 3D bending.


Example of push-bent copper pipe.

Small serpentines

Small serpentines are possible.


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