A practical and smart solution

Technical features

A small “treasure” at a reasonable price, yet able to achieve excellent results and utmost performance. A safe and reliable machine perfect for the series production of straight, non-flanged nozzles with diameter from 100 to 800mm, and maximum edge height 100 mm. The material is progressively plastic formed by the machine, starting from a perforated sheet metal blank.


Precise and reliable

The machine has an arc-welded structure, properly machined by machine tools, which give the system rigidity and stability. The forming roll unit is mounted on the top part of the frame. It is lowered by means of a hydraulic linear actuator and four recirculating ball guides, to eliminate any possible backlash. The rolls are mounted on a plane and connected by means of bevel gears. The range of action of the rolls is managed by the controlled motor, and their rotation by the geared motor with inverter.

Simple and fast tooling

The lower part of the structure is where the die-holder is housed, developed in such a way as to optimise tooling times when the diameter changes, and facilitate sheet metal centring by the operator, for which there are two guides with adjustable spacing. A blank holder blocks the sheet during processing to guarantee the best possible quality and finish.

Everything you need is included

The Ralc Italia flanging machine is supplied standard with everything you need to facilitate the operator and maximise production efficiency.

Ready in a click

Quality flanging is possible thanks to a combination of studies conducted on the materials, careful forming calculations, and incredible experience based on hands-on work. Along with the equipment, Ralc Italia also provides the preliminary information to prepare the material, and the complete flanging program, ready to use: the operator simply needs to select the saved program on the control panel and start production.

“Smart” blank holder

Each die has a blank holder, which is lowered by means of a hydraulic linear actuator with adjustable pressure; it holds the sheet in place during flanging operations, which is essential in ensuring the quality of the product. In order to optimise the stroke of the actuators and therefore machining times, the blank holder is made to rise up to the maximum height only for the changeover: during production, it stops at a predefined height.


Example processes

The fully equipped machine for ducts is used to produce ducts with diameter from 100 to 800mm.

Non-flanged ducts

Examples of non-flanged ducts.


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