Thirty years of experience and a capacity for high-level design make RALC ITALIA the ideal partner, supporting mechanical engineering companies in the development of innovative and highly customised solutions, always guaranteeing the best production performance.
Innovation and creativity, proudly 100% Made in Italy.

Industrial automations from an industry 4.0 perspective

Design and development of automated and highly technological industrial systems, used for the handling and machining of pipes and metal profiles, sheet metal and wire, with or without stock removal. Metal carpentry, machine tools and measuring instruments. Assembly of on-board systems. Programming and start-up of industrial automations.

This is RALC ITALIA. A company which has made research and development its creed since 1996, with the aim of continuously building on its expertise to ensure maximum client satisfaction through leading-edge solutions, often even customised, designed to respond to the many different processing needs of automotive, construction, furniture, shipbuilding, aerospace, medical, railway industries and more.

The sectors in which we operate

Machines for all mechanical precision machining

Our machine tools for the precision machining of mechanical parts meet the production needs of numerous mechanical engineering sectors. Our flexibility and desire to satisfy all client requests have ensured the in-depth technical expertise setting us apart, ensuring each and every one of our projects is a success. The ability to identify with the client and understand each of their specific needs allows us to create ah hoc solutions and highly customised modular systems, perfectly combining experience and research, translating into genuine competitive advantages for our clients.

Industrial automations for fast and efficient mechanical machining

Each RALC ITALIA branded machine tool for pipe, sheet metal or wire machining represents a genuine challenge for us insofar as every single project and its successful development translates into new skills in the field of technological innovation...



All throughout the world, RALC ITALIA is recognised as a reliable, timely, precise partner that clients can turn to for industrial automations distinguished by their long-lasting performance and service life.



Certified quality industrial automations

RALC ITALIA machines for mechanical machining are synonymous with excellence, proven by their high performance and complete satisfaction of our clients, and also guaranteed by the accompanying quality certifications. Further testifying to its ongoing commitment to research and development, Ralc Italia is a research laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, and partner to several start-ups.


Our specialised technicians, always ready to help

In order to offer a complete service that meets client expectations, RALC ITALIA has a team specialised in installation and after-sales support services, necessary to ensure the proper operation and efficient maintenance of all the industrial automations.


Latest news


Research project that aims to study, research, develop, experiment and validate innovations concerning material cutting technology in relation to both technical and mechanical aspects to be able to treat more resistant materials, and to new functions and services deriving from the introduction of solutions of artificial intelligence, currently not present....

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RALC ITALIA SRL aims at implementing a business process innovation project, based on the digitization and automation of business processes...

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Ralc Italia has recently acquired 2 stars in the legality rating

Ralc Italia has recently acquired 2 stars in the legality rating for Italian companies from the Competition and Market Authority.
This recognition is a further confirmation of the pursuit of strong corporate ethics in the correct management of its business....

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