Fitness equipment

“Not life, but a good life, is to be chiefly valued.” Socrates

People are increasingly opting for a healthy life, not just for aesthetic reasons, but in order to achieve all-round well-being made up of energy, efficient work, vitality and psychophysical serenity. It seems incredible, but a Ralc Italia industrial automation line also supports this type of project, offering efficient solutions in cost terms, but which are also able to achieve the level of style indispensable for this type of product.

Ralc Italia’s references in fitness equipment

Systems for the fitness sector

Ralc Italia fully responds to the needs of a sector that combines the search for materials, design and functionality, but without compromising on excellent value for money.


  • For straight and single cut of tubes/profiles with max. Ø102mm, max. Ø50mm for solid bars.
  • Cutting length 30÷4.500mm, max. performance on L.> 1.000mm.
  • HSS and HM blade.
  • Ideal for medium and high production volumes.

Gemini 100-3

  • Single and multiple cut of tubes, solid bars, profiles max. Ø102mm.
  • HSS and HM blades.
  • High volumes.

Nuova Lybra

  • Straight and angle cut of tubes, solid bars, profiles max. Ø145mm.
  • Single, double, triple cut.
  • HSS blade.
  • Versatile sawing machine for small and big lots.


  • For light alloys, aluminum, copper, plastics.
  • 4-axis machining, such as drilling, milling and tapping. Optional 90 ° cut.
  • Excellent value for money for medium-high complexity processes and medium production volumes.


  • For light alloys, aluminum, copper, plastics, steel and stainless steel.
  • 5-axis machining, such as drilling, milling and rigid tapping. Angular cut as standard.
  • Ideal for high production volumes, high level of precision and high repeatability.

Special lines

Ralc Italia can provide ad hoc solutions for the manipulation, the welding and the sheet processing

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