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Technical features

Allows great flexibility in the shape of Serpentines: thanks to the simple and fast changeover system, and rapid and intuitive programming, it is possible to adjust the radii, lengths and rows in minimal time. Whether for small products or long serpentines with a high number of rows, precise straight sections and bends of the highest quality are guaranteed, and therefore an aesthetically pleasing serpentine and high repeatability of machining.

Straightening, feeding, cutting

Two sets of seven rolls, one on the vertical plane and one on the horizontal plane, straighten the pipe coming from the coil. The pipe is fed towards the cutting zone by belts driven by a brushless motor controlled by a dedicated drive, while a pair of rolls connected to an encoder determines the length of cutting, which occurs by way of an orbital pre-incision. The two ends are separated by the bending rolls.

Bending and unloading

The roll bending unit allows bends to the right and left. It is positioned at the centre of a support table, which, through synchronised rotation with the bending unit, supports the coil, thus avoiding its deformation. An arm fitted with vertical inserts guides the coil during the feeding stage and blocks it during rotation, thus preserving its geometry and linearity. At the end of machining, the arm unloads the coil.

Optional set-ups and 4.0

The standard set-up can be integrated with practical and functional solutions from among a rich selection of options. This makes for even easier material loading and machine tooling on the part of the operator, while also improving production flexibility and organisation. The same machine sizes can be modulated to suit the size of the coil to avoid pointless wastes of space.

Coil lifting gripper

Thanks to this practical gripper, lifting the coil is no longer that hard. A precious ally for every operator, at a reasonable cost.


Efficiently avoids any excessive unwinding of the coil, modulating the pipe tension and performing a braking function.

Motorised pinch rolls

Two pairs of motorised rolls facilitate the operator’s task of inserting the pipe in the subsequent straightening units.

Double straightening system

Mounted on guides, it significantly reduces tooling times. Particularly suited for companies that work with two materials.

Calibration rolls

These work on a vertical and horizontal plane and guarantee the roundness of the pipe along its entire length.

Straight pipe cutting

A small slide positioned after each cutting unit facilitates the unloading of straight pieces. Two functions in one machine.


In-line inkjet marking of characters, numbers, but also QR codes or bar codes.

Manual bushing insertion and pipe benders

To insert bushings on the end of the pipe and calibrate it, then bend the pipe on the same plane as the coil or a different plane in the next station.

Office programming and 4.0

Essential in facilitating and speeding up production, allows machine programming directly from the office, based on the order received. All it takes is a click.


Example processes

The serpentine bender, when properly equipped is an extremely versatile and flexible line, making it possible to obtain the perfect product in all types of production.

Serpentine with 90°+ 90° bends

Serpentine with 90°+ 90° bends and return curves on a different plane at 180°.

Serpentines with 180° bends

Serpentines with 180° bends with lengths and number of rows settable from the panel.

Flat serpentine

Flat serpentine made using special shaping rolls available as an option.


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