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Technical features

The bending line is specialised in circular saw cutting and bending with core from a coiled pipe. It makes L or U bends, and the production changeover operations are simple and fast. The machine is equipped with a highly intuitive control panel, which assists and guides the operator during all operations. The circular saw cutting is carried out using minimal lubrication, properly conveyed to keep the work area clean.

Straightening and feeding

The line is equipped with two sets of five rolls, which work on the vertical plane and then on the horizontal plane to straighten the pipe coming from the coil. The pipe is fed to the cutting zone by means of a belt and brushless motor, while a pair of rolls connected to an encoder determines the cutting length. The dimensional characteristics of the nipple can be set from the panel.

Bending and cutting

When the pipe is in position, the core advances and bending is carried out by means of a hydraulic action. When bending is complete, the retractable core returns to the resting position and cutting occurs with the circular saw, which is driven by a pneumatic cylinder. The finished piece is unloaded into a container that’s easy to remove.


The cutting and bending line for nipples with medium-large diameter is specifically designed to guarantee high quality bending, thanks to use of the core.

Bending with hydraulic action

Hydraulic bending guarantees excellent results.


Each single electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic component is numbered and referenced in the diagrams supplied with the user manual.


In a practical container that can be extracted and positioned at will.


Example processes

L’applicazione ideale è il settore della refrigerazione.

U bends

Examples of U-shaped cut and bent pipes.

L Bends

Examples of L-shaped cut and bent pipes.

U and L bends

Examples of U- and L-shaped cut and bent pipes.


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