4 axes and many possibilities

Technical features

The processing unit is composed of a mobile portal equipped with a spindle, and is driven by a rack encoder geared motor; it slides on two precision guides fixed to the frame. The mobile portal has a similarly mobile guard which reduces the environmental noise impact, in addition to shielding the operator against possible chips.

The mobile portal controls the positioning of the clamps in the positions determined by the operator program.

Guaranteed reliability, unbeatable finish

Electric spindle S1/S6 10Kw/12Kw up to 24,000 rpm with ISO30 quick coupling, air-cooled. Suitable nominal torque speeds ensure high precision machining and finishing. The encoder very easily communicates with the Numeric Control, thus allowing accurate control of the torque, speed and position of the shaft and tool.

The tool is lubricated with minimum oil diffusion, managed directly by the numeric control, which allows suitable lubrication while at the same time keeping the piece clean.

Axes with digital drives for utmost performance

Sliding of the 3 axes on linear guides with recirculating ball bearings. Movement of the X and Y axes on the precision rack. Vertical movement (Z-axis) on ball screw and ball nut.

X-axis: feeding speed from 0 to 80 m/min.
Y-axis: feeding speed from 0 to 60 m/min..
Z-axis: feeding speed from 0 to 40 m/min.
A-axis: rotation ± 95° with speed 50°/sec. All axes have an absolute brushless geared motor: they do not require resetting after start-up or emergency stops.

Options and customisations: create your ideal work companion

Thanks to the broad range of options and possible customisations, the machining centre can be equipped with all necessary tools to facilitate and speed up all types of production.

For the highest level of automation, see the Loaders and Unloaders section.

Example processes

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